What socks do you make? 
We got you covered in most types of men and women socks. Find the list here. Mind that we currently don't make kid socks.

How do you make socks? 
We only knit our socks. No printing.

What is the difference between sock categories? 
Design & casual, athletic & outdoor, work socks - different purposes, different constructions, different features and benefits. Please skim through the Our Socks section to find out what makes each construction unique.

What is the minimum order quantity? 
We start at 100 pieces per design.

What does the whole process look like? 

It's simple! 1) You get a quote. 2) Tell us if you like it. 3) We need a little more details. 4) We optimise your design. 5) You confirm production. 6) We knit! 

Do you design socks?

There are two sides of designing socks: construction design and visual design. Our sock models have constructions that are ready to knit. After we receive your visual design we import it into the model, get your approval and start knitting. We can make changes within constructions, however we recommend using our models for optimised performance.

Can I download a mock-up for design? 
Yes! Right here www.sockeasy.com/mockup.

How should I deliver my design? 
Download both sock and label mock-up at www.sockeasy.com/mockup. Please export a PDF or AI file with open data so we can access the vectors easily. Raster files will significantly increase the optimisation process and will be considered an additional service where fees apply. See What do I pay for section for more information.

How much time does it take? 
Too many factors are involved to determine the exact timeline. Typically, anything from 2 weeks to 2 months is to be accounted for production. It mostly depends on volume and season. We always add an estimated production plan to your quote.

Can I track progress of my order? 
Yes, yes and yes! We believe it is useful for you to know when to expect your socks, so we automated our processes for you to receive updates on your order via email.

What do I pay for? 
Quotes from us will include the optimisation of your visual design, digital sample, production of your socks, ironing and tagging. Additionally, you should keep in mind the following costs.
1) You will receive a 360° digital sample of your sock. In case you wish to receive a physical sample fixed cost of 100€ excl. VAT to be paid in advance will apply. This fee will be subtracted from your final invoice.  
2) Tagging, the process of adding tags onto your socks is included in the quote that you receive. However tags themselves are not. It is a common practice that customers deliver their own tags. In case you wish, we can  provide you with "basic" tags where extra costs will apply.
Note: This fee does not apply to logo placements or visual design optimisation. This fee applies to cases where incorrect files were delivered. See How should I deliver my design section for file requirements.
4) Delivery fees are not a part of your quote. Refer to Shipping Information.