Performance Basic

Sport sock with more compression and the elastic in all parts.

In this construction we are working more with elastic itself and with the selection of knit. As a result the sock offers more compression basically on all it's parts. It perfectly fits your leg. It's a bit thicker as elastic yarn has a higher thickness.

It's important to mention that not everyone likes this kind of socks, full of elastic, therefore we offer also an alternative which is basically the cycling basic sock but with elastic bandage on foot. This will slightly stabilize the sock and it prevents sock movements in the shoe.

Also there is an alternative in which we can put terry on the sole, toe and heel part. This will add a little softer feeling when you pedal hard. We can use also wool in case you are aiming on the people cycling in the colder parts of the year or we can make if out of polyester so it will be ready for printing.

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